We have had quite a few people who have contacted us lately to ask about fake microchip databases. There are several of these around, the most prevalent is this one:

Stripe Climate member

When Paul and I co-founded MyPet we both agreed protecting our planet was key for us when building MyPet. We talked about this when announcing the MyPet shop HERE. We believe all businesses have a responsibility to care for the world in which we all live.

This responsibility is now more important than ever

As an individual I…

Through the pandemic it’s estimated around 3 million new pets went to their new homes. Although it’s amazing to hear of so many homes getting new pets it has came with some negative consequences. One of them being pet theft.

Dog theft in particular is on the rise. It’s estimated…

A lot of people appear shocked when they find out there isn’t one unified UK national microchip database for pets. There are actually 15 Defra compliant microchip databases.

We’ve added the full list below:

In the UK there are 15 Defra compliant microchip databases. You can see the full list HERE. MyPet is the cheapest microchip database on the list at only £1.99 per pet! You can change your details as many times as you need to.

Why are we the cheapest microchip database?

Our decision to become a Defra compliant…


With the recent surge in demand for puppies, ear cropping appears to have become far more popular.

In case you only read 3 lines into this article it’s important to know:

Ear cropping is painful and completely unnecessary.

What is ear cropping?

It is the disgusting and painful process where a dog’s outer ears are removed completely or cut down to…

We get asked a lot of questions about microchipping our pets, so we thought it might be useful to put an article together on the questions we get asked most about microchips and our pets.

1. Can microchips track my pet?

The quick answer is no Microchips can’t track our pets. A microchip doesn’t actually have…

There are 15 Defra compliant pet microchip databases in the UK. They work by “talking” to each other. If you search one you’re searching them all. You can read more about how they work HERE.

In this article we lay out the differences between the pet microchip databases. These databases…

We’ve got quite a few questions recently on how pet microchipping works. This article explains pet microchipping and how pet microchips and databases work in the UK.

How pet microchipping works

Pet microchipping works using a technology called radio frequency identification or RFID for short. RFID tags store data and communicates that data to…

Around 5 years ago I watched An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore. This got me very interested in Climate Change and the damage we are doing to our planet.

I’ve always tried to make decisions that impact our planet a little less, over the last 2 years I’ve made more…

Conor McManus

Lover of Animals, Co-founder of MyPet. Check us out at mypethq.io

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